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Development plan for School of Medical Sciences, MedSchool

The School of Medical Sciences has prepared a development plan valid for 2013-2015. The plan covers development objectives and activities for the whole Human Health and Medicine educational area and also covers specific objectives and activities for each study programme within the MedSchool. The development plan is evaluated each autumn where the MedSchool also prepares a proposal for a new development plan for the coming years.
In 2013-2014 the MedSchool has identified three priority areas:

  1. Elective ECTS: Establishing a minimum of elective ECTS in all study programmes.
  2. Internationalization: Establishing exchange agreements in all study programmes.
  3. IKT: Streaming of lectures in all study programmes.

The selected priority areas are areas where the MedSchool can make a difference by coordinating the development objectives in the strategies of the Faculty and the University across the MedSchool's study programmes.

Find the development plan here - in Danish.