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Organisation of MedSchool

The School of Medical Sciences, MedSchool, consists of the heads of the six departments that provide the majority of teaching to the programmes, the heads of studies (or the chair of the boards of studies, where the head of studies is not responsible for the task) and the vice-chair of the boards of studies (students) of each study programme in the MedSchool.

The Educational Council of the MedSchool is headed by a school director appointed by the Dean for a three-year term of service. The school director must be a full-time academic member of staff (VIP), head of department or associate dean. The school director reports to the Dean or to the Associate Dean for Education (if responsibility is delegated by the Dean).

The school director is responsible for ensuring that the Educational Council fulfills its remit.

The educational councils of the four schools have established an effective collaboration in relation to tasks and functions that go across educational areas. The four educational councils collectively cover all study programs offered by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. You can find information about the three other educational councils here:

  • School of Oral Health Sciences
  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science